NewsAutoTrader 2.61

Forex news spike trading autoclick software.

Forex news spike trading autoclick software

NewsAutoTrader is a Forex news spike trading tool that generates trade signals by reading and analyzing live news headlines. Using it you can trade many economic indicators, such as US Nonfarm Payrolls, GDP, CPI, Retail Sales, Interest rate announcements, and other news releases that impact the Forex market. It can be useful for other markets too, such as Futures and Stock market.


No monthly fees, standalone software.

Can use MetaTrader 4 terminals as news sources.

Use provided custom news sources (Full version).

Add your own custom news sources via 3 different APIs (Full version).

News delivery as fast as your news sources - you can create your own unique configuration.

Decentralized news delivery - no single news server.

Includes news scripts for most tradable economic indicators.

Trade signals generated from fastest news source.

Fully customizable trade logic and triggers.

Use any broker to trade the news.

Visual Buy/Sell signals.

Automatic clicker (autoclick) to instantly click Buy/Sell buttons on trade signals.

2 level Buy/Sell signals, up to 100 mouse clicks for each signal.

Specify Buy/Sell button coordinates manually or use automatic detection method.

Can read multiple economic indicators to avoid conflicts.

Create your own news scripts with powerful Object Oriented scripting language.

Script editor.

Supports Perl compatible regular expressions in scripts.

Can call external DLL functions from scripts.

Script testing sandbox.

View live news headlines.

Log headlines to files.

Supported on Windows XP and later (Vista / Windows 7-10 / Server 2003-2012 R2), 32/64 bit.

Can be used on VPS.



NewsAutoTrader 2.61